the archive

Soundcloud does not allow me to order and organize audio files to my taste, so use the info and links below for a simpler and cleaner navigation through the archive. All of my recordings are free for downloading from Soundcloud.

1979-1983: The Analog Era

Recordings from this era were made with analog reel to reel tape recorders and an array of analog synthesizers and electric keyboards common to that time period. More than anything, this was a period of early self-education and discovery for me.

I was in a local band from 1981 to 1983 called The Actuals. At some point I'll be uploading restored versions of the demo songs we recorded during this time.

Regarding Strange Attractor: in 1983, I managed to borrow a eight track 1/2" reel eight track recorder and an eight channel PA mixer to record and mix these pieces. Despite my best efforts, the original tracks and mixes were plagued with technical issues (excessive hiss/noise and some distortion). In 2017, I had the opportunity to recover and transfer the original eight track tapes into digital form, and then repair/enhance/remix/remaster the original recordings. The depth and clarity of the remastered version has exceeded my wildest expectations.

Archival Revival (1979-1982)

This Soundcloud set consists of my early electronic music work. They were created using analog synths and effects, recorded and mixed with 2- and 4-track reel to reel tape recorders. There are 17 tracks in this set.

Strange Attractor (1983)

My first album-length electronic music work, recorded in 1983 on an 8-track 1/2" reel to reel tape recorder. In 2017, the master tapes were baked, digitized, cleaned up, tweaked and remixed for this release.