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Soundcloud does not allow me order and organize audio files to my taste. It is hoped that the info and links provided below will provide a clear roadmap through my Soundcloud page.

2001-Present: The Reason Era

At the end of 2000, Propellerhead Software released the first version of Reason. Then, as now, Reason faithfully recreates a full-featured music studio, with rack devices and sequencer tracks sitting in a window on your computer. The software studio looks and works in much the same way as a real music production studio: virtual synths, effects, mixers etc are dropped into the virtual rack and wired up in all kinds of ways, with virtual patch cords. Both sequencer and audio tracks can be recorded and edited. No hassles with dodgy connections, and the audio quality is remarkably clean. I dove into this new way of working and have never looked back. 

Propellerhead has been really good about introducing new features and capabilities into updates over the years, expanding the scope of what can be done in the software beyond my wildest expectations. And yet, music files I created in the earliest version of Reason loads and plays with no issues in the latest version. That level of backward compatibility is almost unheard of in the software realm these days.

Starting with NightLight, I discovered ways of working in Reason to create long form generative ambient drone pieces. These pieces contain tracks with sequences of notes which have been programmed in such a way as to never precisely repeat, yet the music stays within defined harmonic and melodic constraints.

I will continue to add new works to my Soundcloud account as I create them, and link to them from this site.

Ambientastic (2015-Present)

Soundcloud set of my most recent long form generative ambient recordings. As I complete new recordings, they end up in this set.

stage iv (2016)

"Double-CD" Soundcloud set of long form generative ambient recordings, perfect for relaxing and chilling out.

One-Offs (2017-Present)

Shorter-form generative and other ambient recordings I create which are not part of any other collection end up in this set.

All Hallows' Eve Trax (2013-2016)

CD set of my darker generative ambient drone work, specifically designed to spook the kids coming to your door for candy.

Instance (2008)

My second long form ambient drone recording experiment, created using generative composition techniques.

NightLight (2007)

My first long form ambient drone generative recording experiment. A special extended version (over 2 hours long) was created in 2017.

Placidio (2003)

This is the first long-form ambient drone piece I created in Reason. Remastered in 2017 for the myxprojekt Soundcloud account.

Solarium (2001/2004)

This is the first collection of ambient music I created in Reason. Remastered in 2017 for the myxprojekt Soundcloud account.

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