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Soundcloud does not allow me to order and organize audio files to my taste. It is hoped that the info and links below will provide a clear roadmap through my Soundcloud page.

2001-Present: The Reason Era

At the very end of 2000, Propellerhead Software released the first version of their Reason music software system. The distinguishing feature of Reason is that the design and layout of the software closely mimics a physical recording studio. Virtual devices (synths, effects, mixers) can be dropped in to a virtual equipment rack. The rack can be flipped around to access patch points, and virtual patch cords can be drawn to connect devices with one another with an incredible degree of flexibility. A sequencer window provides the ability to record and edit MIDI sequencer tracks (later versions of the software has incorporated digital audio recording and editing, as well as a third 'big mixer' designed to mimic the sound and functionality of an SSL 9000 mixer, the physical version of which is often found in many professional multitrack recording studios). Unlike the MIDI studio days of old, there are no hassles with dodgy connections, and the audio quality is remarkably clean. I dove into this new way of working and have never looked back. 

Propellerhead has consistently introduced new features and capabilities into their software over the years. The early versions of the software were hampered by two main limitations: no support for direct recording and editing of audio, and no support for third party devices in the Reason rack (commonly known as VSTs, or Virtual Synthesizer Technology devices, a specification created by Steinberg in the late '90s and still in use today).

Propellerhead addressed the first of these limitations in 2009 with Record, a separate software package which could be integrated into Reason; a little over a year later the two products were merged into a new version of Reason.

In 2012, Propellerhead opened up the 'walled garden' of available rack devices with the introduction of Rack Extensions, allowing outside third party developers to create custom devices for the Reason rack. But the real breakthrough came in 2017, when Propellerhead addressed the second limitation described above (after constant and repeated requests from exasperated customers) when they included full support for VST devices in the Reason rack.

The removal of these major limitations, along with continued incremental upgrades to the core system, has expanded the scope of what can be done with the software beyond my wildest expectations. And yet (here's the kicker), files of music which I created in the earliest version of Reason back in 2001 can still be loaded, played and edited in the latest version with no issues or glitches. This is a level of backward compatibility which is unheard of in computer software these days. I would not have been able to update and remix much of my early and mid Reason-era pieces of mine without this crucial level of support in the software.

Starting with NightLight in 2007, I discovered ways of working in Reason to create long form generative ambient drone pieces. These pieces contain tracks where no actual MIDI notes were played, recorded and edited. Instead music is generated using ganged-up sequencer devices, wired and programmed in such a way as to generate near infinite combinations of notes that never seem to repeat, yet the music stays within certain melodic and harmonic constraints. (When I get around to creating a Youtube video demonstrating this technique, I'll link to it here.)

I will continue to add new works to my Soundcloud account as I create them, and link to them from this site.

Ambientastic (2015-Present)

Soundcloud set of my most recent long form generative ambient recordings. As I complete new recordings, they end up in this set.

stage iv (2016)

Double-CD Soundcloud set of long form generative ambient recordings, perfect for relaxing and chilling out.

One-Offs (2017-Present)

Shorter-form generative and other ambient recordings I've created. Pieces which are not part of any other collection end up in this set.

All Hallows' Eve Trax (2013-2016)

Soundcloud set of my generative dark-ambient drone work, specifically designed to spook the kids coming to your door for candy.

Instance (2008)

My second long form ambient drone recording experiment, created using generative composition techniques.

NightLight (2007)

My first long form ambient drone generative recording experiment. A special 2-hour version of this was created in 2017.

Placidio (2003)

This is the first long-form ambient drone piece I created in Reason. Remastered in 2017 for the myxprojekt Soundcloud account.

Solarium (2001/2004)

This is the first collection of ambient music I created in Reason. Remastered in 2017 for the myxprojekt Soundcloud account.

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