the archive

Soundcloud does not allow me to order and organize audio files to my taste, so use the info and links below for a simpler and cleaner navigation through the archive. All of my recordings are free for downloading from Soundcloud.

1984-1999: The MIDIot Era

In 1983, I migrated from straight analog recording to working with a computer as a sequencer, driving synths and devices equipped with MIDI interfaces. It didn't take long before I became a full-blown MIDIot, making sequencer-based music with an array of studio gear which I built up and added to over the years, upgrading the computer hardware and software along the way.

The thing about making sequencer-based music in that era is that, time and again, I found that the synths, devices and software were always promising more than they could deliver. It often felt like more time was spent troubleshooting and fixing audio and computer issues than actually getting music made. Hence the term MIDIot: it required a high degree of time, effort and patience to get the computer and gear to cooperate. Since it was so easy to get lost in the weeds of the tech, in retrospect its a miracle I was able to make any music at all and maintain my sanity throughout this era.

By the mid-90s, my patience with the limitations and overall unreliability of the MIDI setup wore thin. Not much in the way of new music came out of me in the five or six years that followed, as my attention turned to getting a handle on the early (and relatively inexpensive) digital audio software tools for the PC that began to appear at that time.

The music I've uploaded to Soundcloud from this era is a mix of ambient music and more rhythmically oriented works.

The MIDIot Years (1984-1995)

This Soundcloud set consists of recordings made with synths and effects connected to a PC via MIDI, driven by early MIDI-era sequencer software. There are 12 tracks in this archive.

MirrorLand (1983-1994)

This is a CD-length Soundcloud set of primarily MIDI-era pieces. The first piece of the set is Part IV from 1983's Strange Attractor, which pre-dates all of my MIDI-era tracks.

jeez loweez (1991)

This is a CD-length ambient drone piece, recorded with the lovely @zeitgeistbabe. (The album's name is a reference to a dear friend of hers who I finally got to meet in 2017.)