the studio

As of 2018:

* Quad-core Wintel PC
* Macbook Pro (2008 era, still pretty useful for some stuff)
* Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 audio interface
* Panasonic SV-3200 DAT Recorder (still works!)
* Tascam 202 MkIII Cassette Recorder (in near pristine condition)
* Behringer 6-channel Mixer (good basic unit, all I really need)
* Panasonic SL-BD22 Turntable
* Yamaha AX-500U amp ("old reliable")
* Tannoy PBM-8 Speakers
* Nektar Impact LX61+ MIDI keyboard controller
* Novation Launchpad Mini
* Peavey PC-1600 MIDI controller
* Propellerhead Reason (& many Rack Extensions)
* Arturia V-Collection 6 (amazing software recreations of classic synths)
* Native Instruments (FM8, Massive & Reaktor 5 among others)
* iZotope RX-6 audio editor/massager
* Adobe Audition

Now that Reason supports the use of VSTs in the Reason rack, I can now drop Arturia's soft-synths into the Reason rack. Nothing beats being able to drop e.g. a virtual Prophet-5/VS, Matrix 12, Arp 2600, Yamaha CS80, Synclavier and/or Fairlight CMI into my Reason rack and diving into sound design and recording.